Collect The label is a global community of style lovers. Since 2018, we've been mixing art and fashion to give streetwear a fresh look. We're all about quality and cool designs that set trends. When you wear Collect The Label, you're not just wearing clothes; you're showing off your style. Join us in this movement, where art and fashion come together to redefine street


Collect The Label represents the fusion of art and streetwear, fostering a global community. We craft wearable works of art for self-expression, redefining street style with a positive vibe. Our mission is to empower individuals to showcase their unique style through high-quality, bold, and comfortable clothing that reflects urban culture, as we lead the way in rewriting the rules of street fashion.


At Collect The Label, our stories unfold when you wear our clothing. Our unique style sparks connections in this individual world. We're all about diverse tales that cross boundaries, bound together by a love for creativity and fashion. Each piece we create carries our stories, celebrating your uniqueness.


Since 2018, Collect The Label has been all about keeping it fresh and straightforward. We blend art and fashion to make streetwear that's as unique as you are. We believe in the power of artistry and self-expression. Join us in celebrating your style and the streets that inspire us. We're here to redefine fashion, one cool piece at a time.


At CTL, we're all about bringing people together through fashion and creativity. We're into keeping things real and comfy, making art you can wear. Our aim is to help you express yourself confidently and step out of your comfort zone while staying true to yourself. All while focusing on quality.

founder collect the label david reijmer

David Reijmer

Hi there! I'm the creative mind behind Collect The Label, and let me tell you, my adventure into the fashion industry has been woven together with vibrant colors, inventiveness, and a ton of enchantment influenced by my mother.

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